3 Ways the ProtecFMT Can Transform a Practice

3 Ways the ProtecFMT Can Transform a Practice

2020 has been a turbulent year for chiropractic practice owners. Many are experiencing lower than usual patient volumes as a result of the pandemic. The new “business as usual” means incorporating safety measures to keep chiropractorsand their patientssafe. It’s the perfect recipe for turbulent practice management. 

Yet despite these challenges, 2020 doesn’t have to be a time of reactivity and fear. For creative chiropractors, it can be a time to embrace innovation and invest in new technology. We’re proud to spotlight two chiropractors who have used a novel chiropractic device to transform how they deliver care and manage their practices in these challenging times.

Yet despite these challenges, 2020 doesn’t have to be a time of reactivity and fear. For creative chiropractors, it can be a time to embrace innovation and invest in new technology. We’re proud to spotlight two chiropractors who have used a novel chiropractic device to transform how they deliver care and manage their practices in these challenging times. 

Floating Manipulative Therapy on the ProtecFMT

Floating Manipulative Therapy (FMT) is a gravity-based, three-dimensional spinal therapy that uses the patient’s own body weight to gently decompress the spine and allow for therapeutic stretches in a full range of motion. Performed using the ProtecFMT (a leading decompression device), FMT treats both acute and chronic cervical, lumbar, and shoulder pain.

This unique device can help transform chiropractic practices in three ways:

1. It Offers a New Treatment Dimension (Vertical!)

Patients seeking chiropractic manipulation have a lot of practices to choose from. To stay competitive, you have to keep up with the latest innovations in our field. By offering leading-edge chiropractic care, you can not only keep your current patients satisfiedyou can attract new referrals through positive word-of-mouth. 


Dr. Laney Nelson, DC, DACBSP, former team chiropractor of Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City, Utah, was first drawn to the ProtecFMT because of its most unique feature: its vertical orientation. Most spinal decompression devices on the market are supine, requiring patients to lay flat to receive treatment, but the ProtecFMT is vertically-oriented, using gravity to decompress the spine while the patient is seated. Vertical offloading with the Protec device allows clinicians to implement decompressive protocols to patients with their daily function and performance in mind. Most human activities and functions of daily living are performed in either a standing or sitting position. Protecspine allows the clinician to treat spinal dysfunction from that perspective.


In addition, the ProtecFMT’s upright treatment is ideal for patients that do not respond well to horizontal decompression: those who are heavier, older, or less mobile. Gravity-based spinal therapy and lower-body stretches treat pain without compromising co-morbidities that are common in these patients. Being able to care for new segments of the population can attract new patients and increase your practice volume.

Dr. Nelson on how he used the ProtecFMT for chiropractic sports medicine at Brigham Young University.

2. It Improves Practice Efficiency & Throughput 

Effective practice management doesn’t just mean bringing new patients through your doors. It also means being able to treat a large daily patient volume without compromising the quality of your care or burning out your clinical staff! With back pain a common and growing complaint in the U.S., there will continue to be significant demand for chiropractic care regardless of COVID. With the right technology, you’ll be able to provide efficient, high-quality care to each and every one of your patients. 


The ProtecFMT can optimize operational efficiency, allowing more patients to be seen per day. In addition to reducing internal intervertebral disc pressure, it allows clinicians to easily lift the hips and legs via a pulley system to administer lower-body movement therapies. Because of this, multiple chiropractic treatments can be administered in quick succession while a patient on the device. Dr. Nelson saw results for his patients in as little as 15 minutes: “Protecspine allows the clinician or therapist versatility  and efficiency in managing patients of all ergonomic and functional backgrounds without compromising their clinical outcomes or increasing risk to the patient or provider.”  


Dr. Wendy Varish, DC, FIANM(us), DACO, CCSP, CCOHC owner of Howards Grove Chiropractic in Howards Grove, Wisconsin, also notes the ProtecFMT’s clinical versatility and efficiency. “Every single day I am finding new uses for the ProtecFMT.  From acute to chronic mechanical lower back pain to stenosis, adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder to patellar dysfunction, acute cervical sprain/strain to chronic scapular dyskinesia, The ProtecFMT allows for complete versatility for treatment.  I have also experienced the unexpected benefits of the amount of physical toll it took from me during procedures such as PNF of the hamstrings.  I find myself treating my patients in a much more comprehensive manner in less time and with less effort.”

Dr. Varish on how the ProtecFMT has enriched her chiropractic practice.

3. It Has an Excellent ROI

Deciding which chiropractic equipment to buy is stressful in the best of times. Now more than ever, it’s important to invest in clinical tools that make your job easier and safeguard your bottom line. For Dr. Varish, the decision to purchase a ProtecFMT for her practice wasn’t one she took lightly: “It literally took me 2½ years to decide to invest in the ProtecFMT.  When I was first introduced to it at a sports convention, I thought it was fascinating, but then came up with every excuse not to purchase immediately.  Once I finally did invest in the ProtecFMT, I realized that I completely lost out on those 2½ years of positive patient outcomes and satisfaction – not to mention unrealized income. I have never purchased any piece of equipment that has paid for itself as quickly as the ProtecFMT unit and with virtually NO extra time spent with patients than I had before its use!  And to have nearly 100% positive feedback from patients of all ranges of ages and conditions  – that is icing on the cake.”  


The ProtecFMT is an affordable decompression device with easy set-up and virtually no long-term maintenance. Unlike other devices on the market, it doesn’t have an internal motor that needs servicing and repair. It also qualifies for an ADA tax credit of up to $5,000, helping to offset its up-front purchase costs. Most importantly, however, the ProtecFMT provides chiropractic care for up to seven billable ICD codes. Just 15 treatments per week on the device could translate to $4,800 per month in revenue. 

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

The ProtecFMT has been a game changer for Dr. Nelson and Dr. Varish. Curious about what it can do for your practice during these unprecedented times? To learn more about this innovative chiropractic device, visit https://protecspine.net/.

A New Future for Spinal Treatment - Floating Manipulative Therapy (FMT)

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