Treating Older Patients

Patient 1, 100 years oldProtec FMT and treatment of older people

In 2012, a small study conducted in Japan investigated the effectiveness of Protec FMT when treating low back pain in older people. At a spine clinic in Tokyo, a test was done on ten older people ranging from 66 years old to 100 years old. Pain was measured using the pain score 0-10, with 0 = no pain.

All ten patients went from 10 to 0 during their one-month treatment. One month after the test period was over, all ten patients came back and wanted to continue with the Protec FMT treatment. At the home for the patients, it was discovered that nine of the patients were able to both put on their own clothes and go to the bathroom by themselves after the treatment.

The table below shows the age of the patients together with the pain score before and after the one-month treatment with Protec FMT.

Protec Data Graph

The results show that Protec FMT is in most cases a highly effective tool when treating low back pain in seniors.