Protec FMT in Action

Protec is a device that provides a safe, stress-free, and comfortable treatment for patients. It is designed to allow a wide variety of mobilization therapy options, depending on the physician’s treatment preferences. Normal treatment usually takes 15- to 20-minutes.

Clinical data has shown that the most commonly used device for treatment–the bed-type traction machine–produces questionable clinical results. 1/3 of patients reported improved condition with bed-traction treatment, 1/3 reported no change following treatment, and 1/3 reported worsened conditions following treatment. These poor results have subsequently led to a revision of relevant regulations and ordinances, degrading this type of treatment from an “essentially required device” to an “optional device.”


In a survey of doctors currently using the Floating Manipulative Therapy System, 93% of respondents verified its effectiveness.


One in three reported that they utilize the Floating Manipulative Therapy System just for the purpose of lifting the upper body, without implementing any additional mobilization therapy. This shows that a reduction of internal inter-vertebral disk pressure provided by Floating Lumbar Suspension alone results in considerable lumbar relief for patients.

After 15 minutes of Floating Lumbar Suspension therapy,
patients show improvement in blood flow and circulation.

Natural lumbar therapy provides natural traction that works equally well upon both superficial and deeper muscle groups, resulting in a significant reduction in muscular tension, and thus contributing to an improvement in blood flow and circulation.